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SBS format to Frame Packed conversion app or on-the-fly conversion ...Robbie2k 11-05-21  2:19 am
Ratio problem with full screen modeYan L 8-04-20  10:08 pm
Stereoscopic Player - Adjust video speed? Slow Motion?steve court 5-18-19  6:14 pm
Philips 42-3D6W02/00 WOW autostereoscopic Displayalexunder boots 4-22-19  11:12 am
Stereoscopic Player + Philips autostereoscopic displayalexunder boots 4-22-19  11:02 am
Stereoscopic Player - Quadbuffered DirectXVictor Borg Barthet 7-11-18  2:21 pm
Need help with Stereoscopic player audio setupJoseph Giomariso 2-29-16  6:39 pm
SPDIF audio issuearthur martens 12-15-15  2:21 pm
Audio Sync IssuesGary H 12-11-15  7:01 pm
3D stereoscopic player not synchingpatrick coan 11-06-15  4:56 am
Resolution problemEmil Gjessing Bjørga8-04-15  12:38 pm
FEATURE - Shortcut for next Audio/Sub track on 3D Bluray playbackOswin Peters 2-17-15  9:50 am
How to get limited RGB 16-235 output from Stereoscopic PlayerBaykal 9-20-14  2:55 pm
StereoscopicPlayer Configuration for TV 2D and 3D GlassesStanislas 6-03-14  9:35 am
Trouble setting up some 3d filesAleksandar 7-21-13  8:44 pm
How many weeks does it take to receive your license key?Dale Marion 3-21-13  7:44 pm
Stereoscopic player 1.9.1 issuesuraj chandna 2-12-13  11:31 am
Command line parameter for AMD stereo driverbogey 12-29-12  12:22 pm
Running color correction scripts (LUTS) within the Stereoscopic Pla...David Finch 9-02-12  10:56 am
How to use BlackMagic Intensity with Stereoscopic Player?Thomas Lagemann 7-27-12  8:52 am
How to play fit to screen 3D movies on Stereoscopic playerLarry Elie 7-12-12  5:05 pm
Which ouput metod for intel S3D?Jesus Garcia Lorenzo3-03-12  2:46 pm
Stereoscopic Player wich mode should i pick for HDMI 1.4 3D?thesebas tian 2-04-12  12:56 pm
3D Movie is not clear and color is off when using 3dtv's stereoscop...James Klafehn 12-03-11  4:23 pm
Flicker/jitter/shiver when using SP 1.6.6 help much appreciated...Taavi Berg 16 9-26-11  12:52 pm
Problem; Dual Output Option on Stereoscopic playerJason Van Horn 7-27-11  8:20 pm
WINX3D and Windows XPAlexol 42 5-12-11  4:18 pm
Black Magic Decklink settingsMichael Karliner 4-19-11  1:50 pm
Nvidia GTS 250 pageflipping software problem.gk 3-11-11  1:49 am
Stereo Movie Conversion - No " Stereo Transformation Filter"...Aaron Czesnick 2-25-11  2:40 am
Problem with Player, Impossible to set up. Fronzel Neekburm 2-16-11  2:44 pm
Please Help. PageFlipping. Manuel Corrales 1-24-11  5:48 pm
Cannot play back Monster V Aliens 3D Blu ray discPhillip Mitchell 1-16-11  5:02 am
Playing .TS files on the Stereoscopic Player v1.6.2Larry Elie 10-28-10  4:03 pm
Stereoscopic Player Live Preview Lag ProblemEBRAHIM SAIB ZAHHIR 9-23-10  7:14 pm
Player crashes on exitMarty Brenneis 7-16-10  1:10 am
3D-Spex Windows XP Driver?Mario Augusto Rodrig10 7-03-10  12:28 pm
Were can i get ATI 3d Stereo Drivers?Emile Greyling 27 6-30-10  4:33 am
Tridef/Tru3D config for Stereoscopic PlayerNEOline 6-05-10  9:08 pm
Stereoscopicplayer live tv captur hauppauge hd pvr errorgerald moran 4-28-10  12:29 pm
Field Sequential 3D on a PAL TV?AW 4-11-10  2:49 pm
Samsung HD DLP TV / nvidia card sound problemRrrob 4-10-10  5:18 pm
Serial number for Another I's software?Tom Bouts 4-09-10  12:21 pm
Green/Magenta Anaglyph ProblemZach Nelson 3-09-10  5:16 am
Games failing to launchFronzel Neekburm 2-18-10  11:14 pm
Stereo display using NVIDIA FX 4600 under Windows 7Norm Campbell 2-04-10  4:54 am
Quad-buffer OpenGL in stereoscopic player shows garbage at the bott...Brad Parker 1-19-10  9:45 pm
Help with my 3D-setup!Sapar 12-16-09  8:55 pm
Z800 Head Tracking Problems In VistaFronzel Neekburm 10-27-09  7:50 pm
Full Screen - Top and bottom flicker - Zalman Trimonjason 9-05-09  7:19 pm
I can't active emitter E2 to work with my Stereo AnalystAnchalee 7-04-09  4:26 am
Not sure what kind of sync to useScott 6-17-09  8:15 pm
To reproduce DVD with the e-Dimensional systemRegan Mayeux 1-30-09  10:25 pm
Ed shutter labtop screen no external screenDevil Master 3-02-07  8:29 am
3dplus winx3d problemraa glorea 3-01-07  12:06 pm
ED Glasses on Radeon - Not Doing Anything!raa glorea 12 3-01-07  11:23 am
Ed glasses, games work fine, dvd keeps blacking outraa glorea 2-22-07  3:14 pm
AVI to Mpeg23d-geek 2-05-07  5:53 pm
Flicker problem :-(Ryan Garbutt 1-25-07  9:27 pm
Nvidia 45.23 with X3D Gateways fails to go fullscreenTet Yoon Lee 12-19-06  6:17 am
LIFE SUCKS WITH THIS PROBLEMRobert Teft 10-16-06  4:56 pm
Cwonline don´t send the productMarvio Santos 38 6-16-06  6:31 pm
Shop problemDr. Sway3-11-06  8:27 pm
VRCADDYAndreas Schulz3-06-06  11:13 am
Edimensional hints for a projector please.ajax50135 3-05-06  7:44 am
Anothereye glassesanothereye2-22-06  2:39 pm
MAJOR PROBLEMS with VREALITIES.COMCarlos21 2-17-06  5:56 pm
Cy -Visor Microdisplay - How to fix it ?Soren2-11-06  7:23 pm
Create Stereoscopic viewGerrit2-05-06  9:35 pm
Stereo driver crasheshertog2-05-06  3:15 am
Where do I get stereo 3D drivers for Win XP?hertog2-05-06  3:14 am
I'm Depressed got Elsa revelator IR, ati radeon 9800pro and LCD mon...hertog2-05-06  3:11 am
XForce 3D Glasseshertog2-05-06  3:07 am
Problem after installing new 30.82 stereo drivers!JamesMeinken2-05-06  12:26 am
Asus v7700 GTS deluxe Geforece 2 32mb with asus vt100 vr glasses PR...hertog12 2-04-06  7:13 pm
Laptop + eDimensional dongle + CRT = monitor not recognized?Yiyo2-04-06  12:54 am
Ed glasses Big problem!! :-(Yiyo2-04-06  12:50 am
Edimensional 3D wired GlassesYiyo2-04-06  12:48 am
My shopping experience for i-glasses HRV-PRO at Virtual RealitiesYiyo18 2-04-06  12:46 am
Problem with ED 3D glasses & night in FS2004?Yiyo2-04-06  12:39 am
XForce 3D glasses and GEFORCE6200 Nvidia card ???Yiyo2-04-06  12:35 am
ASUS V8200 card & glasses: "Stereo features not enabled."ozone231-21-06  12:27 pm
78.01 + 7800gt causes rebootconnan1-18-06  9:59 am
MAJOR PROBLEMS with CYBERWORLD.COMAnon1-14-06  5:11 pm
Ghosting vs refresh rateQuince1-10-06  5:56 am
Cyber3dvisor helprichard doherty1-05-06  8:19 pm
Stereoscopic Player 0.9 CrashingSabitini26 1-03-06  8:48 pm
GLDirect 3.0 & anaglyphmiki1-01-06  9:54 am
Left right reversed, please how to invert with games ?pheggie14 12-29-05  2:39 am
How do I grab stereoscopic screenshots?clyde12-25-05  11:33 am
Question on NVIDIA cards allowing OpenGL Raw Stereo direct driveNicholas Gibson12-15-05  12:43 pm
Macintosh 3D Glasses Port?Gabor Laufer12-15-05  3:06 am
Can't get DIN connector to work on NVIDIA FX3400 - any ideas?gene12-14-05  9:39 am
I Can't get my Elsa 3D Revelators to do anythingTigerClaw12-12-05  10:13 pm
Trouble setting up Nvidia and i-art glasses.miltower12-09-05  2:29 am
Strange effect with TFTenme11-29-05  12:26 pm
We got a projector cylindrical correction problemitsikw11-28-05  11:34 am
Union reality vr head-gearFrank34 11-15-05  8:14 pm
IGlasses power problemArmand11-04-05  4:05 am
Help ELSA 3d GlassesTigerClaw10-31-05  10:51 pm
DirectX 9.0c, Nvidia Stereo Drivers, & Stereoscopic PlayerPeter Wimmer10-26-05  9:15 am
AutoStereo Kit for LCD MonitorMeister10-18-05  5:09 am
Z800 best glasses ever but 3d mode with my 7800gtx not possibleDevil Master10-10-05  2:26 pm
Left and right images reversedSteveG9-20-05  1:52 pm
Juat cant get them workingWilliam Sommerwerck50 9-16-05  9:48 pm
Elsa Revelator + Nvidia Stereo 3D + Windows 98 = No Stereo?William Sommerwerck12 9-15-05  2:22 pm
How to show up new game profiles in the Nvidia game config list? PL...Marcel748-22-05  1:17 pm
Quadro stereo port?Ben Brygger8-15-05  10:49 pm
What is a sensible nVidia driver for Windows 98?Devil Master8-10-05  7:37 am
Error when starting Microsoft Combat Filght Simulator 2Anonymous7-21-05  5:21 am
Can someone please help- enabling Revelator glasses with an Elsa Gl...Anonymous7-21-05  5:20 am
H3d from I-glasses - lines on screenAnonymous7-21-05  5:18 am
VFX-1 / GeForce or VGA as secondary card / HELP!!!!Anonymous7-21-05  5:17 am
Eye3D+Revelator=BLACK SCREENAnonymous7-21-05  5:17 am
NVidia control panel versus EDim Activator?Anonymous7-21-05  5:16 am
OpenGL and I-glassess in StereoAnonymous7-21-05  5:16 am
Stereo Drivers Refresh RateAnonymous7-21-05  5:16 am
Help, I can't enable the stereo mode????Anonymous7-21-05  5:15 am
Wicked 3d Eyescream Synch Doubler problem?Anonymous7-21-05  5:15 am
Geforce3 and i-Art Eye3D Wireless glassesAnonymous7-21-05  5:15 am
Eye3d + Radeon 9000 => how?!?Anonymous7-21-05  5:13 am
VrCaddyAnonymous7-21-05  5:13 am
Win-2000 3D glasses Will NOT ENGAGEAnonymous7-21-05  5:13 am failed to respond to order for nuviewAnonymous7-21-05  5:11 am
Revelator w/ ati Rage fury proAnonymous7-21-05  5:11 am
Voodoo5Anonymous7-21-05  5:11 am
Zombie croniclesAnonymous7-21-05  5:10 am
Original i-glasses resolutions - ?Anonymous7-21-05  5:10 am
Neotek wired glasses= Asus VR100 wired glasses?Anonymous7-21-05  5:10 am
Anyone knows how to override resolution in Revelator Screenshot Vie...Anonymous7-21-05  5:09 am
I get random flickering in the right lcd panel on my glassesAnonymous7-21-05  5:09 am
Elsa Gladiac Geforce 2 GTS + Revelator = ShitAnonymous7-21-05  5:08 am
How do Polarized REAR projection screens work?Anonymous14 7-21-05  5:07 am
How can I create custom lasersight bmp's on nVidia stereo drivers?Anonymous7-21-05  5:07 am
Windows 2000/Windows XP support for stereoscopic gamingAnonymous7-21-05  5:07 am
I-glasses work with wicked 3d drivers but not nVidiaAnonymous7-21-05  5:07 am
I need a user manual for Virtual FX 3D wirelessAnonymous7-21-05  5:07 am
GeForce Ti4600 + Revelator = Lots of display errors with Jedi Knigh...Anonymous15 7-21-05  5:06 am
3d glasses just wont shut with GeForce6800GTAnonymous7-21-05  5:06 am
Elsa Revelator and GeforceMXAnonymous7-21-05  5:06 am
Leaking LCD in NuviewAnonymous7-21-05  5:05 am
HELP!!Anonymous7-21-05  5:05 am
ATI & E-Dimensional: Game recommendations?Anonymous13 7-21-05  5:05 am
Stereo drivers for det 40:s When, when when :(...Anonymous7-21-05  5:03 am
Best homebuilt controler for Revelator Wired??Anonymous7-21-05  5:03 am
Voltage and polarity of a I-GLASSES HMDAnonymous7-21-05  5:02 am
Stereo video player slow.Anonymous13 7-21-05  5:02 am
Where on earth can I get VRCaddy?Anonymous7-21-05  5:01 am
Eye3D and Asus 7700Anonymous7-21-05  5:01 am
ELSA 3D RevelatorAnonymous7-21-05  5:01 am
Latest nVidia stereoscopic driverAnonymous7-21-05  5:01 am
VFX3D WinXP HelpAnonymous7-21-05  5:00 am
Eyescream 2000 + GTS2 Pro + XP?Anonymous7-21-05  5:00 am
Leadtek GF2mx + Revelator + 14" Monitor = Not workingAnonymous7-21-05  4:59 am
How to install Elsa drivers in AsusV7700?Anonymous7-21-05  4:59 am
Something I can't figure out with the revelators..Anonymous7-21-05  4:59 am
3-D Video CDs from (Christian Taeuber)Anonymous7-21-05  4:59 am
Winx3d ProbelemAnonymous10 7-21-05  4:58 am
Only one lens goes dark?Anonymous7-21-05  4:58 am
Win XP Blue Screen in Directx GamesAnonymous7-21-05  4:56 am
E-D wired glasses and Vaio laptop?Anonymous7-21-05  4:55 am
Eye3d 4 in 1 game driver problemAnonymous7-21-05  4:54 am
Cybermaxx power supplyAnonymous7-21-05  4:54 am
Revelator with OpenGL gamesAnonymous7-21-05  4:53 am
VFX1 Help!!!Anonymous7-21-05  4:53 am
Please help me elsa 3d revelator + ti4200 not workingAnonymous7-21-05  4:53 am
Elsa RevelatorAnonymous7-21-05  4:52 am
Kyro II & 3D StereoAnonymous7-21-05  4:51 am
Shutters for TV and VGAAnonymous7-21-05  4:51 am
Nividia DriversAnonymous7-21-05  4:51 am
How to Create a 3D JPG?Anonymous7-21-05  4:50 am
Voltage and polarity of wicked3d eyescream power adapter?Anonymous7-21-05  4:50 am
61.77 FS2004 3D Problem?? (Need Help!)Anonymous7-21-05  4:49 am
Intertrax LS HelpAnonymous7-21-05  4:48 am
Powerstrip problemsAnonymous7-21-05  4:48 am
3d revelator still doesn't work with my elsa gladiac geforce 2 gtsAnonymous7-21-05  4:47 am
I have kasan vga and asus vr100 can i play them togetherAnonymous7-21-05  4:47 am
Problem with Eyescream drivers ?Anonymous7-21-05  4:46 am
Req: vfx1 mars viewerAnonymous7-21-05  4:46 am
Asus GeForce3 V8200 Deluxe - Can't get vr100 glasses to workAnonymous7-21-05  4:45 am
Newbie question re: getting vr-100 glasses to workAnonymous7-21-05  4:45 am
Problems with nVidia Dual-head StereoAnonymous7-21-05  4:45 am
Installing Elsa Revelator or ASUS glasses on Win 98 or Win XP with ...Anonymous13 7-21-05  4:45 am
G4 TI 4600+edimensional glasses+ nforce = PCI x0 ¿?Anonymous7-21-05  4:45 am
Does any user of H3D stereoscopic video knows if LED turns red?Anonymous7-21-05  4:45 am
Faulty links@I-art3d homepageAnonymous7-21-05  4:44 am
Virtuatrack driverAnonymous7-21-05  4:44 am
Geforce Help Pleaes with wicked3dAnonymous7-21-05  4:44 am
Newest Nvidia Det drivers for 2k not workingAnonymous7-21-05  4:43 am
How can you get nVidia StereoBLT wider than half screen?Anonymous7-21-05  4:43 am
Anyone got max payne to work with vrcaddy??Anonymous7-21-05  4:43 am
Eye 3d: "override resolution" + "outlaws" dont work - ...Anonymous7-21-05  4:43 am
Not 3d, but Networking question please/Anonymous7-21-05  4:43 am
Revelation HELP!!!Anonymous7-21-05  4:43 am
Infrared revelator doesnt work properly - power issue?Anonymous7-21-05  4:42 am
Simuleyes VR glasses work DOS not window really need help thanksAnonymous7-21-05  4:42 am
WINx3D + revelator + Voodoo 5 - scan rate is fixed low?Anonymous13 7-21-05  4:42 am
Use H3D Terminator Gaming Glasses + Voodoo 5 + 3D Revelator drivers...Anonymous7-21-05  4:42 am
Getting my brand-new revelators to work: PLEASE help!?Anonymous15 7-21-05  4:42 am
TestAnonymous7-21-05  4:42 am
Wicked3D drivers wanted.Anonymous16 7-21-05  4:41 am
Asus v7100 crashAnonymous7-21-05  4:40 am
Just a questionAnonymous7-21-05  4:40 am
Annoyed - simple 'virtual desktop' utility needed - I'm sure this e...Anonymous7-21-05  4:40 am
UNSOLVED MYSTERY UnrealTournament + GeForce2MX = crashAnonymous7-21-05  4:40 am
Reducing flicker on PAL VHS-3D?Anonymous7-21-05  4:39 am
Plage-Flipping and Voodoo 5 even in VRCaddyProAnonymous7-21-05  4:39 am
New Titanim cards compatible with Revelator??? Anonymous7-21-05  4:39 am
H3D glasses, do they work with Eyescream anyway?Anonymous7-21-05  4:38 am
Use 3D Revelator drivers with H3D Terminators?Anonymous7-21-05  4:38 am
Stereo3d backwards with 61.77 drivers and 6800 ULTRA?Anonymous7-21-05  4:37 am
Is flickering the same thing as flashing?Anonymous7-21-05  4:37 am
Infrared Revelator CircuitAnonymous7-21-05  4:37 am
Problem with VRJoy 2000, VRCaddyMe and 3DRCD... Anonymous7-21-05  4:37 am
Elsa Revelator Glasses & Elsa ErazorIII Video Card -> Not Working...Anonymous7-21-05  4:36 am
A question about page flippedAnonymous7-21-05  4:36 am
Hmmm some1 reply PZLPLZPZLPLZPLZAnonymous7-21-05  4:35 am
Vfx3d on a radeon 9800 xtAnonymous7-21-05  4:35 am
My Voodoo 5 is messing up my computer ! ! !Anonymous7-21-05  4:35 am
H3d glasses no longer workingAnonymous7-21-05  4:35 am
Problems with Doom 3 & Nvidia stereo 3DAnonymous7-21-05  4:34 am
Revelators and banshee: Help needed..Anonymous7-21-05  4:34 am
H3D Terminator Gaming Glasses+Voodoo5 problem to view pictures 3DAnonymous7-21-05  4:33 am
Erazor III + driver = slow boot??Anonymous7-21-05  4:31 am
Anybody gotten Max Payne to work with the latest Wicked3D drivers a...Anonymous7-21-05  4:31 am
Wicked 3D EyeScream & Win2KAnonymous7-21-05  4:31 am
NVIDIA Stereo GlitchAnonymous7-21-05  4:30 am
Nvidia graphics and stereo driver compabilityAnonymous7-21-05  4:30 am
Keyboard stops working with stereo + 61.76 driversAnonymous7-21-05  4:30 am
28.32 DownloadAnonymous7-21-05  4:29 am
3DPlus2 problemsAnonymous7-21-05  4:28 am
Everquest w/ 3D GlassesAnonymous7-21-05  4:28 am
Eye3D error messageAnonymous7-21-05  4:26 am
VFX3D VFXTracker SettingsAnonymous7-21-05  4:25 am
Problems finding Patches for old CyberBoy GlassesAnonymous7-21-05  4:25 am
Nvidia XP driver and stereo driver problemAnonymous7-21-05  4:23 am
3dlabs Wildcat VP970 and Visette pro 2 - stereo problemsAnonymous7-21-05  4:22 am
Samtron 96P + Gainward 3D glassesAnonymous7-21-05  4:22 am
Asus v3800m dont play call of dutyAnonymous7-21-05  4:21 am
Is my hardware broken?Anonymous7-21-05  4:21 am
Frame Rate Drop in Stereoscopic PlayerAnonymous7-21-05  4:21 am
Asus glasses with h3d emitterAnonymous7-21-05  4:20 am
Help on Projection - No StereoAnonymous7-21-05  4:19 am
FlickingAnonymous7-21-05  4:19 am
Eye3D Premium Glasses, Geforce 3 (23.11's), and XPAnonymous7-21-05  4:17 am
Revelator JPS plugin doesn't work! Help!Anonymous7-21-05  4:17 am
Stereo not workingAnonymous7-21-05  4:17 am
Eye3D Prem. no stereo effect working for 3d videos, 3.5. drv. buggy ?Anonymous7-21-05  4:16 am
Problem with Stereo movie player from Mr SutoAnonymous7-21-05  4:16 am
V7700 - Help!Anonymous7-21-05  4:15 am
Revelator glasses w/ H3D IR transmitterAnonymous7-21-05  4:15 am
H3D gaming glassesAnonymous7-21-05  4:12 am
Another Eye 2000 Stalls when I end test and GamesAnonymous7-21-05  4:11 am
Stereo how to get stereo inside instead of outside the screen?Anonymous7-21-05  4:11 am
Buy PC Mods?Anonymous7-21-05  4:10 am
How do i separate right and left images from interlaced stereo shoo...Anonymous7-21-05  4:06 am
VR 100 Win2kAnonymous7-21-05  4:05 am
Ati Radeon 64DDR.... which drivers to use?Anonymous7-20-05  8:40 pm
Blue screens after revelator installation...?Anonymous7-20-05  8:38 pm
Revelator & issues with refresh & ceratin monitors... Anonymous7-20-05  8:38 pm
Is anyone who know a TRUE real-time 3D movie player?Anonymous7-20-05  8:37 pm
I have an older Wicked3D Voodoo2 and glasses. Can't install new dri...Anonymous7-20-05  8:37 pm
Asus 7700 - Asus 6.31 drivers much better than Nvidia driversAnonymous7-20-05  8:35 pm
How to lessen the double vision effect but retain depth vision?Anonymous18 7-20-05  8:35 pm
Newbie question...Will Revelator work with Voodoo 5?Anonymous7-20-05  8:34 pm
Agp Voodoo 3000 & I-art3d glassesAnonymous7-20-05  8:34 pm
VFX-1 Headgear ConnectorsAnonymous7-20-05  8:33 pm
Prince of Persia The Sands of TImeAnonymous7-20-05  8:32 pm
Ed glasses - Medical image works, games notAnonymous15 7-20-05  8:31 pm
Wicked 3d and h3d glases split screen Anonymous7-20-05  8:29 pm
Wicked 3d driversAnonymous7-20-05  8:28 pm
The games isn't shown in 3D. Why ??Anonymous7-20-05  8:27 pm
Eye3D with RadeonAnonymous7-20-05  8:26 pm
Asus 8200 with nvidia card and stereo drivers.No video capture!!Anonymous7-20-05  8:26 pm
Custom Stereo SightAnonymous7-20-05  8:26 pm
NVIDIA driver problem with GF4ti4600Anonymous7-20-05  8:25 pm
VRCaddy ProblemsAnonymous7-20-05  8:24 pm
PC to SGI HMDAnonymous7-20-05  8:24 pm
Medical TestAnonymous7-20-05  8:23 pm
Can someone help a noob? asus card + glassesAnonymous7-20-05  8:20 pm
Help Setting Up Asus VR100 Stereo Glasses with Nividia DriversAnonymous7-20-05  8:20 pm
URGENT HELP, GR-DV1800 not compatible with NUVIEW???Anonymous7-20-05  8:18 pm
Hot keys not working for Det 23.11 + Stereo (XP Pro)Anonymous7-20-05  8:17 pm
I-glasses head-tracking softwareAnonymous7-20-05  8:16 pm
HL2 in stereoAnonymous7-20-05  8:16 pm
Elsa 3D revelator & CReative Lab Anikilator Pro DDRAnonymous7-20-05  8:15 pm
Keyboard stops responding in 3d Mode with 71.89Anonymous7-20-05  8:15 pm
Need Help Activating Cyber3DVisorAnonymous7-20-05  8:14 pm
I-glasses 3D refresh rate :(...Anonymous7-20-05  8:13 pm
Success stories with win2k, revelator, 23.11 driversAnonymous14 7-20-05  8:13 pm
ASUS 3D glasses but Wrong ControllerAnonymous7-20-05  8:12 pm
6800GT 61.76 can't get 3D with DOOM3Anonymous14 7-20-05  8:09 pm
Vfx1 and Quake2 stereo - is it possible or not?Anonymous7-20-05  8:08 pm
CyberVision Headset and "HWCEXT not Implemented" errorAnonymous7-20-05  8:07 pm
Revelator, Win2k and Prophet II .. help!Anonymous7-20-05  8:04 pm
XP Service Pack 2 and Nvidia drivers...Anonymous7-20-05  8:03 pm
Alternatives to VRCaddyAnonymous7-20-05  8:02 pm
How can I capture stereo video with ASUS 6600 deluxAnonymous7-20-05  8:02 pm
Vfx1 + quake = only 360x480 resolution?Anonymous7-20-05  8:02 pm
I810 and Direct3D problemsAnonymous7-20-05  8:01 pm
Wicked3D Pro driversAnonymous7-20-05  8:01 pm
VFX-3D how to use with gamesAnonymous7-20-05  8:00 pm
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Some questions from a NewbieTaxus12-10-02  9:05 am
NVidia 4x.xx & stereoTaxus12-10-02  9:01 am
Lost 3D revelator vga cableAnonymous12-08-02  12:45 am
Total newbie - RevelatorDevil Master12-07-02  2:55 pm
ELSA glasses to watch 3D IMAX DVDs on a PC?skim12-06-02  6:06 pm
I-glasses won't turn on w/Nvidia cardGioFX12-02-02  3:48 pm
System freezes-nvidia driver conflict with xpcutcopymad12 11-24-02  7:21 pm
Quake III 1.32 patch doesn't work in stereorebento11-21-02  11:17 am
NVidia 30.82 Stereo drivers - Where are they?Anonymous11-15-02  1:29 pm
Unable to get Wired E-D glasses to work correctlyGioFX11-15-02  8:41 am
No stereo at all.kb11-02-02  5:39 pm
Prob. Backplane/ScreendepthJesper10-31-02  12:46 am
Edimensional glasses locking in N2002Leadsinga10-30-02  11:45 pm
Revelator va edimensional glassesOliverRedfox10-30-02  1:14 pm
IR sending units help / experts?Andreas Schulz10-29-02  10:36 am
YES! Wicked3D glasses do work with Nvidia and XP!finless10-28-02  5:45 pm
Problems Using IIS VFX3D with 3D Studio Viz Release 3iG. Seth Roberts10-28-02  11:15 am
I think I need an expert on this one! ???????????????mattius10-27-02  10:24 am
How much would we pay for a real 3D game playing simple , just with...Anonymous10-16-02  8:08 pm
Can you see real color with 3D goggles or only one color?Anonymous10-16-02  4:36 pm
Nu-View download 3D video to PCM.H.10-16-02  8:14 am
30.87 and 30.82 do not save frequency setting?GioFX10-15-02  11:41 am
Nvidia Stereo Driver + GF3 + XP = crashes any game in stereo mode...Miguel Serra10-15-02  9:05 am
Almost everything out of focus.Jesper10-13-02  10:44 pm
I-Glasses headtracking under WinXP - Possible?Olifiers10-12-02  4:45 pm
Wicked 3DEyescream Glasses and XP???Christoph Bungert10-11-02  8:55 pm
Problem whit 3D PLUS Software - Dvd 2D-3D convert Marvio10-10-02  7:20 pm
No More Stereo TabPaul Leonard10-09-02  11:40 pm
Windowed 3dLe Grand Duc10-08-02  4:19 pm
HELP!!!!!!! Cannot get 3D Plus to work!!!!!!!Anonymous10-07-02  2:30 pm
White flashing in games.Petoffen10-05-02  9:18 pm
ANY help WHY!!Ku10-04-02  2:51 am
Problem with Else GeForce2 MX/MX 400 and Else Revelator and WinXpChristoph Bungert10-01-02  11:04 am
Sync prob/random flicker on Ti4600/XPalien emperor9-17-02  7:26 am
Test work. Games dont?Anonymous9-16-02  2:18 am
Random flickering on Revelatorpacattack11 9-15-02  3:47 am
WARCRAFT3Anonymous9-13-02  10:40 am
I´m looking for Michal Husak GLSRenderer OpenGL 3D player, can you ...wpersonal9-09-02  11:02 pm
DDC? HELP!!!alien emperor9-04-02  10:11 pm
Best settings for morrowind?Anonymous9-04-02  12:35 pm
Questions! Another eye 2000alien emperor9-04-02  11:06 am
Solved Flickering Problem in WIN2kMichael Parker9-02-02  3:41 pm
HELP, all DirectDraw/Direct3D games Freeze!sdy9-01-02  7:58 pm
New 30.82 stereo driver, hot keys?Michael Parker8-28-02  3:01 pm
How to get to get dual monitor stereo (GeForce4?) Andreas Schulz8-27-02  8:18 am
Asus 8420 & RevelatorChristoph Bungert8-21-02  11:13 am
Asus V8420 and Win XPErik8-20-02  12:32 pm
Can view stereo jps pictures but what about videos??Anonymous8-15-02  8:40 pm
Revelator, WinXP and GeForce 2 MX/400 - Dont work ?Anonymous8-11-02  7:13 am
Stereo3d & winxp?Ku8-10-02  4:18 pm
ASUS VR100 - view 3d movies ????nzmikey8-10-02  9:51 am
Driver for Win XP+GF4Ti4600+wireless Revelators?Christoph Bungert8-08-02  10:50 am
Soldier of Fortune 2 and 3D specsoqvist8-06-02  9:47 pm
Capture 3d Digital Movie with MacGed7-30-02  6:38 am
ATI - No 3D support planned, OfficialRoy Pettit7-29-02  6:53 pm
E_Dimensional glasses,GeForce 3 card and IL2oqvist7-27-02  3:47 pm
Vrex VR-2020 projector -- manual wantedDouglas Nunn7-25-02  1:36 pm
Quadbuffered stereo API and generic control panel???Olivier Benoit7-20-02  11:17 pm
Problem Saving a Configuration with NVidia Stereo DriversJames Taylor7-20-02  10:34 pm
I-glasses 3D And Zightinsanerob7-16-02  4:55 pm
My keyboard shortcuts stopped working with my edimensional glassesDavid Dupont7-15-02  3:01 pm
How to stero OpenGL ?Anonymous7-08-02  2:12 pm
Miro 3D fanatixWim Lemkens7-03-02  9:29 pm
Quake3 in 3d (splitted)Alexander Oest7-03-02  7:59 am
No success w/ GLDirect 3.0...ChemicalX7-02-02  8:26 pm
Another I's w/ ATI Radeon8500 - Need Help!ChemicalX7-01-02  7:06 pm
You want to solve your Stereo3D problem under XP ?Anonymous7-01-02  6:54 pm
Hotkeyes for quadbuffered opengl stereo 3d???M.H.6-30-02  7:53 am
H3D I-glasses, WinXP, Geforce 2 GTS nvidia stereo drivers... It won...drTurbo10 6-30-02  12:41 am
Stereoscopic problem in MOHAAAnonymous6-29-02  1:56 am
Should I use both z-buffer and w-buffer or only z-buffer with my ed...oqvist6-29-02  1:53 am
!need help! with mohaaAnonymous6-29-02  1:48 am
E-D Glasses and configuration in games ...oqvist14 6-26-02  10:13 pm
Compatible games list for nVidia stereo driveroqvist6-26-02  11:26 am
Problems with MOHAA and RTCWJbondage6-26-02  2:57 am
Eye3D Premium w/ Radeon?Anonymous6-26-02  1:43 am
Trying to buy AnotherEyes2000Anonymous6-24-02  10:23 pm
Late sound with E-D Glasses and Return To Castle WolfensteinDavid Dupont6-24-02  10:07 pm
DAOC and 3D StereoRay Price6-19-02  10:37 am
A Good Solution for ASUS AGP-7700AIG6-14-02  7:21 pm
Problems ans Solutions with XP / revelator glassesPascal Deliot6-09-02  10:03 am
Revelator + Win2k +tnt2Pascal Deliot6-09-02  9:59 am
Win3d & win2000 refresh rate seems limitedDavid C. Qualman6-09-02  1:06 am
Help with revelators bundled with PNY graphics card... Anonymous6-08-02  1:17 am
GeForce 2 Go - 3D HELP!!!!Anonymous6-07-02  8:44 pm
XP Reboot with SIS Board and Nvidia CardsPocket6-07-02  6:26 am
VFX3D and DirectX 8.1 problems ...dawg6-06-02  11:25 pm
3D Studio ver.4.2 pluginNelson6-05-02  5:33 pm
Cybermaxx with NVidia Stereo driver not workAIG6-02-02  5:42 pm
Vr100 bundled with v6600 + windows xp + 23.11 stereo driver + homeb...AIG6-01-02  6:15 pm
My e-d Glasses flash off breiflyAnonymous5-29-02  5:58 pm
Corrupt graphics in Stereo-3D modeMr_Bumpy5-29-02  3:23 pm
GTA3 with nvidia stereo driversmaart5-27-02  4:14 pm
Problem with nfs3Anonymous5-26-02  1:53 pm
E-Dimensional Glasses do not activateStuart Hawkins5-26-02  3:08 am
E-Dimensional Glasses do not activateStuart Hawkins5-26-02  3:02 am
Radeon 8500 + eDimensional problemskim11 5-21-02  5:40 pm
I-glasses VPC and TNT2Maart5-13-02  7:32 am
Mini-din to IR-transmitter?Lenny Zimmermann5-02-02  3:02 am
Anyone use Field Interlace on Digital TV's?Lenny Zimmermann5-02-02  2:46 am
I-GLASSES and progressive scanKerry Cotter4-28-02  5:24 am
Is it possible to have 3d lasersight in Medal of Honour? please help!Anonymous4-24-02  8:22 pm
Problems with new 28.32 detonatorPaul Leonard4-23-02  3:06 am
Crystal eyes + emitter on an GeForce 3hergtp4-22-02  7:27 pm
I-visor 3D with driver nvidia stereoCybermindNL4-22-02  8:43 am
New Stereo Drivers Work :)...Neil Axe4-22-02  1:33 am
Games hang in 3DAnonymous4-19-02  11:13 am
Verto Gforce 4 Ti/Revelator bundle -anyone have working?Star4R4-16-02  4:35 pm
Is this a DDC problem with revelator?sam4-13-02  5:37 am
Slow / jerky graphics in D3DEd4-12-02  2:54 pm
Mouse emulation of head tracking on Vfx3D... how?Alexander Oest4-08-02  7:15 am
Stencil buffer kills NVStereo?DeepVision4-05-02  4:38 pm
Viewing Stereo .jps in a webbrowserRene4-03-02  7:05 am
I-glasses PC head tracking supportAnonymous4-01-02  12:36 am
Virtual I-Glasses tracking???Maart3-31-02  1:44 pm
Half life problems, Nvidia stereo drivers...Anonymous3-29-02  11:18 pm
COlud somebody, plese, do folowing test and let me know the result ?M.H.3-28-02  5:10 pm
Dual vga to dual projector?studio3d3-26-02  2:58 pm
Using stereo driver on Windows 2000guillaume3-15-02  2:35 pm
How to uninstall just the stereo drivers fromGF3 ti 200Tom Bardenwerper3-13-02  2:02 pm
CyberVisor / Wicked3D and GeForce 3 TI200 CompatibilityTom Bardenwerper3-11-02  4:05 am
V6600 driver V3.62 Beta 5. ?Anonymous3-07-02  12:06 am
How to make new Detonators 23.11 + Stereo drivers work on XPPete16 3-04-02  11:42 pm
Help me! I am a beginner...Nguyen Phu Quang3-04-02  10:32 am
Well, I'm just lost .............Gary3-03-02  3:27 pm
Just bought 3DSpex, need help...Robert Sundin3-01-02  11:13 pm
Something I Found Out About Stereo Drivers And XPNICK M3-01-02  3:33 am
A couple of weird problems. Help please?Andrew Weir2-26-02  6:45 pm
No One Lives Forever... Crazed LasersightsAnonymous2-26-02  4:34 pm
~nice reboot feature/system crash on winxp with stereo drivers~Christoph Bungert2-22-02  11:47 am
Should I install Revelator drivers?David Wilson2-20-02  12:37 pm
HELP! NEED W2K DRIVER FOR A CREATIVE BANSHEE CARD!!Christoph Bungert2-20-02  11:48 am
H3D WickedVision Controller + Revelator wired GlassesChristoph Bungert2-17-02  5:08 pm
Asus V6600 Delux, Win98, and Detonator XP Driver 23.11...Anonymous2-17-02  2:49 pm
Asus 7700ti 64mb on EPOX 8KHA+ - game, 3d app crashes Anonymous2-17-02  8:33 am
NVIDIA stereo driver and stereo screen caputure...Andreas Schulz2-15-02  12:16 pm
3D Revelator don´t flickerNICO212-15-02  7:28 am
Revelator wireless + Nforce (geforce 2) => Don't Work...Alex2-12-02  2:12 pm
Connector Asus 3,5mm Jack to Revelator mini DIN JackAnonymous2-10-02  7:34 am
XP+Relevator+Detonator -> I solved it!xolth2-07-02  11:32 pm
E-dimensional glasses flashingSteve2-07-02  6:03 am
Strange problems with Wicked 3D.FlamePanther2-05-02  8:01 pm
Please Help! No Hotkeys in XPwilliwk2-05-02  4:32 pm
NEED HELP - 3D TV on PAL TV???Christoph Bungert2-04-02  9:26 pm
Why oh Why?!!Dave polcino2-04-02  8:36 pm
Asus v8200 + Win2k Stereo ProblemMasterGeo2-04-02  7:52 pm
Elsa Revelator 3D and Windows 2000 ?quick42-04-02  4:10 am
H3d glasses not working with win 2000Lawrence Lassiter2-03-02  6:19 pm
Stereo tab not present in xpAnonymous2-02-02  7:10 am
Elsa 3D Revelator without Elsa CardPatrick Doetsch1-30-02  2:09 pm
How to switch between ASUS glasses and I-O glasses ?KonradS1-23-02  2:40 pm
Are the EyeForce glasses okay?Christoph Bungert1-23-02  11:54 am
WinXP blue screen / rebootTaiki1-23-02  12:10 am
Wicked 3d-elsa-Max PayneLadyPaye1-21-02  4:50 pm
Geforce2 causing lockup on SH IIRichard Ryder1-14-02  9:56 am
Lens cleaning3d cat1-12-02  5:17 pm
Revelator with MS FF WheelChristoph Bungert1-02-02  3:08 pm
Problems with lasersight in opengl gamesLevent Acar10 12-29-01  10:20 am
"Kingpin" Revelator help neededRoger Jarrett12-27-01  1:48 pm
Voodoo3 + PageFlipping/Interlacing???gamer xyz18 12-20-01  2:43 am
Help ! XP doesn't remember stereo-refresh-settingsAnonymous12-19-01  2:22 am
Extra Stereo Adjustments with nvidia winxpStereoGamer12-17-01  9:41 pm
LCD monitors and 3d glassesgamer xyz12-17-01  12:14 am
Eye3D - D3D games display problemsgamer xyz12-16-01  4:23 pm
My Voodoo 5 is messing up my monitor!gamer xyz12-16-01  3:38 pm
Sync Doubling with a GF3?Christoph Bungert12-15-01  3:28 pm
New nvidia xp drivers ---> "Unable to find dialog 85" + refresh rat...Anonymous12-14-01  12:47 am
LCD QualityStereoGamer12-13-01  9:11 pm
Glasses broken or batteries down?StereoGamer12-13-01  9:00 pm
Revelator WirelessLe Grand Duc12-13-01  4:22 pm
3d with XP flickers a lotAnonymous12-13-01  7:13 am
How to make Elsa Revelator work with many 19'' and 17'' monitors...Andreas Schulz12-06-01  8:29 am
ELSA JPEG Stereo Viewer Plugin and Internet Explorer 6Andreas Schulz11-26-01  8:35 am
Win XP and Elsa 3D revelatorpaulhuxe11-12-01  12:36 pm
Generic revelator driver and Geforce 2 MX/200??kgian11-04-01  12:47 am
Helpppppp i hav flashes with revelatorPaulSobek10-16-01  10:25 pm
H3D, Wicked3D and HP A4033AChris Fowler10-07-01  10:09 pm
Again ASUS Graphics card and RevelatorBisch9-11-01  10:15 am
3D Revelator on Win2k?Anonymous8-10-01  5:11 pm
Game ghosting problems using terminator glassesDNADEN8-08-01  11:35 am
Quake 3 and Wicked DriverEv7-11-01  2:39 am
Stereo with Asus 12.60 drivers?Nisei7-02-01  7:36 pm
Need help w/ Asus 6800 Pure & Eye3D-PremiumChristoph Bungert7-01-01  3:51 pm
Eye3D (4in1) + voodoo5 + wicked3D + everquest = Will it work?...gamer xyz6-25-01  2:38 am
Objects in 3d close to the screen pop back to 2dJeff6-19-01  9:56 pm
Windows ME and 3-D?David C. Qualman6-18-01  6:35 pm
Is there any site where i can get stereo patches ?Christoph Bungert6-16-01  1:23 pm
ELSA ERASERX² (v4.13.01.1240) & the ELSA Stereo Support + FS2000...mpflaging6-15-01  4:28 pm
Need For Speed- Porshe Unleashed and the Voodoo4gamer xyz6-15-01  1:17 pm
Cybervisor helpjlag6-14-01  11:38 am
Unoffical NVIDIA stereoscopic driver support pageToxicX6-05-01  12:15 am
ATI 128 and Eye3D 4-in-1gedburnell6-01-01  2:32 pm
VFX1 and Quake: config filenx5-26-01  3:11 pm
GeForce2 + Revelatorgabriel5-26-01  9:22 am
Can't get interlace mode to work with H3D and ASUS V6800 = no bOObi...Drayzen5-16-01  4:43 am
Wicked3d and Eye3D in DirectX gameJohn5-12-01  1:34 am
Can someone explain...Christoph Bungert5-03-01  9:42 pm
Bad ghosting with Eye3D Force on Windows desktopChristoph Bungert5-03-01  9:36 pm
Elsa3DRevelator begin white flash with Feedback Wheel Anonymous4-23-01  5:59 pm
Revelator & Detonator 12.00 - ProblemsAnonymous4-21-01  11:23 pm
Weird problem with my revelators..kgian4-14-01  11:23 am
3D Camera - what's this ?Christoph Bungert4-01-01  11:45 pm
New Revelators don't work...please help!Anonymous3-25-01  2:25 am
Holography eGroupAnonymous3-20-01  5:04 am
Monitor Refresh Problem. Please HelpAnonymous3-19-01  9:08 am
Revelator and jaton nvidia tnt2 cardlampodi3-10-01  9:00 pm
HMD and low vision aids.Michael McNeese2-28-01  3:03 am
Stereo interactive player of 3D meshesGiorgio Bogoni2-10-01  4:34 am
I-Glasses 3D with headtrackingMaart2-06-01  1:49 pm
Soul Reaver not in 3D?Le Grand Duc1-19-01  10:07 am
Problem with 3dmark 2000 using stereoAnonymous1-04-01  11:26 pm
OpenGL application, confused about glassesBrian C Merrell1-04-01  8:17 pm
EYE3D ProblemsKenny1-02-01  4:19 am
V7700 Deluxe probsAnonymous12-30-00  5:08 am
Black ScreenOzzie12-19-00  5:12 pm
Geforce 2 GTS does NOT work with REVELATOR generic drivers! :(...Stee1hed12-17-00  11:58 pm
Final Cut Pro multiplex effect?Michal Husak11-23-00  3:49 pm
Elsa 3d revelator and asus cardsAIG11-22-00  6:17 pm
Shutter panel for Nu-view adapterAlexander Oest10-24-00  7:14 am
Asus V3800 problemChristoph Bungert10-03-00  11:33 am
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