Jan 20, 2001: StereoGraphics introduces StereoEyes for the professional PC-user

The new StereoEyes look like a wireless version of the 'CrystalEyes-Wired' (see review here). The IR-emitter has a VESA DIN-3 connector. Apart from that there is a VGA-pass-through cable for VGA-boards which don't have a DIN-3 stereo-output.

StereoEyes isn't targeted at the consumer/entertainment market, which can clearly be seen by the price tag of $299 and the missing Direct3D support.

Under professional operating system it works with native stereo-software, just as the other StereoGraphics products. The new thing about StereoEyes is the universal OpenGL-stereo-driver for Windows 98 which enables stereo for non-native software.

There is word that the universal OpenGL driver is liscensed by Scitech, so it may not be a unique selling point, since this should be available and usable for other shutterglasses as well. Please join the recent discussion on the stereo3d-webboard.