Feb. 20, 2000

This CeBIT, Asus plans to show 3 new multimedia technologies.

The following information was provided by ASUS-Taiwan and is reproduced without modification:

"1. Window Mode VR:

       Now, Asus VR technology is not only good for entertainment,
       new breakthrough bring Asus VR to be good tool for CAD/CAM,
       authoring software, and stereo InterNet browser.

      New Asus Window Mode VR technology provide designers to examine
      their design-art in stereo vision to get more realistic feeling. Now, Asus
      user can turn on VR or turn of VR for True Space, Light way, 3DStudioMax.
      It is a good idea for you to do realistic demonstration such as virtual
      shopping, virtual demonstration, virtual house selling,...

2.  3DVRMAL in Stereo Vision
      New Asus Window mode VR technology can turn any 3DVRMAL capable
      home page into stereo Vision without any modification. Now, Your Web
      can be more attractive if you provide 3DVRML capability. and now Virtual
      Shopping in Internet  become more realistic since this new VR technology.

3.  TimeShift and Instant replay
     Asus has big video technology breakthrough in this CeBIT show. With
     new modified compression CODAC, we can show to customer a FULL-D1
     resolution of TimeShift/Instant-replay. ( Please read it again, Asus
     provide to user a FULL-D1, rather than MPEG1, or Half-D1 resolution )
     and more important, all are done by pure software without any hardware accelerator.

    That is, end user can using Asus main board with Asus add-on card, such as
     V6600, V6800, V3800 to watch TV as a professional digital VCR with timeShift
     and instant replay capability.

4. Buzz Word

     What is Window Mode VR?
     In past of time, all VR is working in full screen mode. However, some of application
     needs VR capability but still maintain Windows operating style. using mouse to drag
     and drop, click slider bar, click dialog box,...,etc. For those kind of application, Full
     screen mode VR is not enough. We need both full screen page-flipping VR as well as
     Windows mode VR. Such that user can get VR result but still have Window for operation.
    This we call Window mode VR.

    What is DigitalVCR?
     Traditional VCR is recorded in analog format into VCR tape. Since the analog tape is
     low quality, difficult maintain quality especially after multiple usage. difficult to do random
    access, and small storage. So, new approach are using digital to store video into either
    digital tape or harddisk. Since tape can only be sequential accessed. It is not good for
    quick forward/backward/jump/skip,... so new approach are using harddisk to store video movie.
    One of leading companies are : TiVO and replay in USA.

   What is TimeShift?
   TimeShift means shift  the time a while. When you watching TV, you may get a phone call
    which you have to answer but you don't want to lost any of your favor live movie from TV station,
    then TimeShift can help you very much, you can pauses the TV but keep recording movie into HDD.
    After finish the phone call, then you can back to original movie from where it is stopped before.
    and then still watching after entire movie is finish.
    Comparing to tradition VCR tape, the tape can not be recorded and play-back in the same time. so
    it is impossible to time shift in real time. ( but can be TimeShift in batch )

   What is InstantReplay?
   Instant replay means at any time, you can see again the section of movie which just pass before.
   This capability is very useful for watch sport program. for example Olympic game, racing game,
    foot-ball, golf ball.

   What is Half-D1?
   Half D1 has only half resolution for doing Digital VCR.
   Some of video technology companies may demonstrate Half-D1 of TimeShift in CeBIT.
   Asus will demonstrate full D1 of TimeShift, no compromise on video quality."