Nov. 13, 1999: ASUS VR Library SDK available for free

On the ASUS download sites you'll find the ASUS VR-software development kit (download here). It allows anyone to put controls for the ASUS-stereo functions into their own software. The kit contains software-controls for:

- get current screen status
- change mode to interlace or page-flipping
- change resolution
- change color depth
- change refresh
- stereo-reverse

There are instructions how to put two full-res images into the buffer to display them in page-flipping.
Images for interlace mode should already be in alternate-linie (i.e. interlace) format. The ASUS software doesn't do the conversion by itself.

BTW ASUS uses a kind of white line code for control of the stereo-orientation. Fortunately the line is almost invisible and the controller works even if the code isn't present, i.e. with 3rd party drivers, such as Revelator.

What we need now is an ASUS-Activator which starts interlace by a hotkey. This can be used for lots of 3rd party software.