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3D-Glasses (3.5 mm stereo)
Digital Flat Panel
TV/S-Video out
second monitor VGA-out

The VR300 is a 128bit 3D graphics board based on the SIS300 processor. There are several different versions with optional 3D-shutterglasses, TV out, digital panel out and dual-monitor connector.

The 3D-glasses version comes with an onboard 3.5mm stereo jack and wired shutterglasses.

The glasses are sturdy and feature large panels. The nose piece doesn't have a rubber coating. I hope there will be one in later retail versions.

The glasses connector is synchronized to the VGA-signal (vsync) and is always active. Therefore the glasses will work with any 3rd party page-flipping or interlace stereo driver which is able to run on the SIS300 chip. (Don't ask - I don't know of any, but haven't tried Win3D yet.)

Leadteks own Direct3D stereo driver is embedded into the graphics driver and supports page-flipping only.
The flipping can only be activated in D3D-fullscreen mode. Therefore the system won't work with any 3rd party software, e.g. stereo image viewers etc.
The SIS300 chip definetely supports interlace mode. I was able to activate it using i-Art 3DWin 2.3. Unfortunately the content of the screen was messed up all the time. With a little driver adjustment it should be possible to utilize the interlace modes though. 

There is no image viewer or any other stereo software in the package apart from the D3D driver.

The stereo quality range goes from fair to poor, comparable to the early versions of Wicked3D and ASUS drivers.

If there was a good 3rd party stereo-driver for the SIS300 chip or some substantial advances in Leadteks own driver this low-cost full-featured board could become interesting afterall.

See Pro & Con table below.


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Pro Con
+ Page-Flipping stereo mode
+ Supports any D3D software (full screen mode only)
+ fair stereo quality, but no match for Revelator
+ DX7 compliant
+ good D3D compatibility and stability
+ non stereo features: 
   TV/S-Video out 
   digital flat panel connector
   dual-head second monitor
- SIS300 is slow compared to V3, TNT2, G400
- no dynamic stereo-D3D adjustment
- no stereo-OpenGL support
- no automatic stereo reverse control
- stereo reverse control only by hotkey
- only very few adjustment options
- refresh for stereo must be set manually
- D3D refresh adjustment requires reboot sometimes
- no 3rd party stereo-software support
- no stereo-image viewer or video player in package
- no windows desktop support
- no interlace support
- some slipups during page-flipping




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