Scuba Diving 3D by Virtual-Adventure
Hi-Res Stereo Image CD Collection

Review by
Christoph Bungert

Initial release of review: February 9, 2003
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The 2 Scuba CD's contains:

160 stereo-photos from Bonaire in the Caribbean
213 stereo-photos from the Red Sea in Egypt
about 70 bonus stereo-photos with planes, landscapes, computer-graphics
1 computer animated over-under format stereo-video
nVidia and WINx3D/3DPix stereo drivers and viewers
HTML-files with thumbnails, maps of the regions and in-depth background info
on each photo (text is currently in german, english version announced)

The photos are presented in the standard JPS (stereoscopic JPEG) side-by-side format in high resolution of about 1280x1024 per eye (i.e. 2560x1024 JPS) and true color. All you need are some 3D-glasses and a JPS-viewer. The nVidia reference driver and viewer, the ASUS VR driver and viewer or the WINx3D/3DPix combo can do the trick. There are also JPS viewers available for other operating systems than Windows.

The scuba photos consist mainly of beautiful underwater-shots, but there are also impressions of the land, the people, the architecture and the vegetation of the regions. The CD contains HTML-files with thumbnails, maps of the regions and in-depth background info on each photo (text is currently in german, english version announced). There are stunning shots of colorful fish coming out of the screen. The stereo shots and the montage are very well done. There are some out-of-screen effects, but not the kind which give you immediate headaches. There is sufficient parallax in the images, but not too much. It's just the right balance between strength of 3D-effect and ergonomy. Ghosting is also reduced by this.

The quantitiy, format and resolution of the stereo-photographs by Virtual-Adventure sets them apart from other products. Most, if not all other commercial stereo-image-CD's have much fewer photos, much less resolution and often alternate-line (interlace) format instead of full-res JPS.
My only complaint is the fact that the images are packed and the CD's have to be completely installed to the harddrive.

'Scuba Diving 3D' is the right CD to showcase what shutterglasses can do. Recommended!

December 22, 2001 : You're looking for extreme high-res, high-quality stereo-photos for the PC? Check this out.

Virtual-Adventure Flower Power 3D: 1000 stereo-photos on 2 CD's, resolution up to 1280x1024 per eye (i.e. 2560x1024 32bit color JPS). All images seem to have a vertical resolution of 1024, just the width may vary. Perfect for all shutterglasses supporting page-flipping. Works for the Revelator-viewer, nVidia-viewer and WINx3D+3DPix. Actually it comes with a slideshow-script for 3DPix and fitting MP3-music.


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