Sorority House Vampires From Hell: The 3D Special Edition - DVD
Tag line: 'Demons, Death, and D-Cups'

A Conopic Entertainment and Digital Entertainment Group Release
Initial release in 1997
3D-special edition DVD released in 2001

DVD available at SHVFH3D

DVD-Video NTSC 60Hz
Regional coding 0 (plays on all DVD-players worldwide in NTSC-mode)
Suggested retail price: $19,99


main movie in 2D with about 10 minutes of 3D segments
music video in 3D
photo gallery in 2D
no subtitles
1 audio track: english

This is a B-picture or better let's say finest 'Trash', which is presented in 2D for the most part. The movie contains 10 minutes of field sequential 3D-segments for shutterglasses. The 3D-segments show a nude lady in dim light. The 3D-music-video shows the nude lady with the musicians in dim light. The film doesn't contain porn or splatter, it's rather soft and very strange. Go for this one only if you are into T&A-horror-scifi-trash or 'UFO-Demon Rabaalhazor' (yes he's in there too) will haunt you.

Special thanks to producer, writer, editor  Raymond Honeycutt for providing a sample for review


Erotek Dimensions 3D-DVD  review

An Outrageous Films production

Distributed by Cyberworld

DVD-Video NTSC interlace 60Hz
Regional coding: 1  (USA)
Frame sequential stereo

3D-screenshot from the DVD

Contents of DVD:

Movie in 2D (full-res 720x480 pixel) 29 minutes
Movie in 3D (interlace format for TV-shutterglasses, half-res 720x240 per eye) 29 minutes
audio tracks:  (1) english LPCM 2.0
subtitles: none
27 production stills (photos) in 2D
Behind the scenes in 2D,  6 minutes
Outtakes in 3D, 4 minutes
Installation guide for TV-3D-Shutterglasses in 2D, 2 minutes

Equipment used for review:

1) PC with PowerDVD in weave-mode and line-blanking PC-shutterglasses (result: not so good, lots of ghosting)
2) Standard TV-set, standard DVD-player and TV-shutterglasses (result: good)
3) CyberMaxx 3D HMD via composite video input (result: low res, but gives the best 'being there' impression)

The Movie

Erotek Dimensions is a movie for mature audiences filmed in real 3D in October 2001. I hesitated at first to do a review on adult material, but I think at least the technological aspects of all available 3D-DVD's should be covered here. Furthermore adult content is an important economic factor in the consumer electronics and software industry and can certainly be important for the survival of the small 3D-market.

Now to the movie. The action takes place in a Cyber/VR-laboratory. There's not much of a story, but who cares? The production value is high for a genre film. The downside is a rather cold, artificial atmosphere. The outtakes in 3D and the behind the scenes footage are better in that respect.

The picture has some noise, I expect better from a DVD these days. In the 8th minute there's a 20 second take with inverted stereo. No need to reach for the reverse button for that. The stereoscopy in this film is generally pretty good. Like in the IMAX3D-films, there's a tendency for too many out-of-screen effects and large parallaxes though. With shutterglasses this leads to more ghosting and eyestrain. With a stereo-video capable HMD however the feeling of "being there" is quite intense - despite the lower resolution. The impression is even better as in the IMAX-DVD's. The IMAX-3D movies contain lots of wide angle shots for the giant screen and don't translate as well to a low-res format.

My major complaint is the runtime. At 29 minutes for the main part, including credits, it's too short.

By the way Cyberworld is seeking distribution partners, especially in Germany.


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