Sports Illustrated 3D Swimsuit Video
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Professional 3D Video Quality Now Available on PCs

MENLO PARK, Calif., October 25, 2000 Ė Razor Digital Media and i-O Display Systems, LLC today announced the availability of the all-new Sports Illustrated 3D Swimsuit PC video. The PC video is specially formatted to provide an interactive and immersive 3D experience, and features three of the most popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, Heide Klum, Shakira Ledard and Kylie Bax.

This is the first in a series of professional 3D videos in Windows® PC format that will be available for the first time to consumers. During the next few months, releases will include extreme sports, horror, fashion and other topics.

"High-quality, professional 3D video has only been available to consumers via theme parks, such as Universal Studios or Disneyland, or at IMAX style theaters," said Dave Woodward of i-O Display. "True stereo 3D has not generally been available for home viewing due to the technical limitations of standard consumer TVs.

"However, a standard PC has powerful image processing and display capabilities, and Razorís unique PC video format was developed to take advantage of a PCís ability to display very high-resolution, flicker-free 3D graphics."

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 3D video is available now at now. It is priced at $59.

Razor Digital Media

Razor Digital Media is a 3D entertainment production and publishing company. Razor has licensed a broad range of 3D entertainment including nature, history, comics, extreme sports, swimsuit models and more. The company was founded this year and is a division of Ilixco, Inc.

i-O Display Systems, LLC

i-O Display Systems, LLC manufactures personal display devices and stereoscopic 3D products used in a broad array of applications from entertainment to medical and commercial uses. The company was formed in 1997 as a new venture between Ilixco, Inc. a display technology company and Liberty Media Group, an ATT company that holds interests in a broad range of video programming, communications, technology and Internet businesses in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. The company has its headquarters at: 1370 Willow Road, Suite 101, Menlo Park, Calif. Telephone: (650) 323-8407. Fax: (650) 323-1742. Web site:


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