March 2003

Dimension Technologies, the world's only manufacturer of commercially available desktop 2D/3D switchable flat panel displays and holder of most of the world's major patents on this advanced technology, today announced a dramatic, limited-time inventory clearance price on its popular 2018XLC 18.1" 2D/3D switchable display.

The 18.1" 2D/3D switchable display, previously priced at $4995, is available for only $3495 each! Quantity discounts are available.

Order two displays and the price is only $3295 each - a 35% discount!

Order four of these unique displays by March 31 and get another 18.1" Display FREE!  That's FIVE 2D/3D Displays for just $2796 each - a savings of nearly $11,000!

Did we mention FREE SHIPPING! Place your order by 5 PM (EST) March 21, 2003 and your shipping anywhere in the world is FREE!!

If you've always wanted the power of real depth no-glasses 3D - and the versatility of switching to 2D with the push of a button - all in a single, compact desktop display, NOW is the time to act! This is a very limited time offer designed to relieve a temporary overstock condition on this model. When the current stock is sold, the price will revert to $4995. In announcing the temporary price reduction, Arnie Lagergren, President of DTI noted that "this overstock condition is a very unusual situation and will not last long. We have a limited number of these built and on the shelf, and when they are gone, they are gone. This is an ideal time for current DTI display customers to add one or more new 2D/3D displays to their current application, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for non-users to experience the powerful benefits of real depth no-glasses 3D at an extremely attractive price."

The 2018XLC features an 18.1" LCD with 1280 x 1024 resolution, the ability to handle all common stereo 3D formats, and, of course, instant switchability between 2D and real depth 3D display.

For additional information, contact Arnie Lagergren toll-free at 888-813-6950 or visit the DTI web site at