PRESS RELEASE, 2002-12-03:

FMJ-Software is proud to announce the release of version 2.5 of the
3D software planetarium 'StarStrider'. For more information, screen-shots,
and a free trial download, please visit:

With StarStrider, you may not only see the celestial sky as seen from
Earth - you have the power to visit the other planets and moons of our
solar system. Not only that, you can also journey to other stars and
watch our Sun faint to a humble star among millions of others. What do
the Pleiades look like from behind? What constellation is our Sun part
of, as seen from Vega? What are the relativistic effects when approaching
light speeds? Get the answers in StarStrider!

Selected features:

  · Photo realistic rendering
  · Travel through space in 3D
  · Visit the planets and satellites of the solar system - or take a hike
    to the nearest 100 000 stars (close to 2 million with the ASCC add-on)
  · View the veil of the Milky Way, distant galaxies, star clusters and nebulae
  · Accurate relativistic effects during space flight (aberration and Doppler
    shift options)
  · Supports anaglyphic stereo glasses
  · Advanced scripting engine
  · Extensive tutorials and program manual

System requirements:

  · Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
  · DirectX v8.0 or later
  · Pentium II or later CPU (faster is better)
  · 3D graphics card
  · 64 MB of RAM (128 MB is better)

  · Anaglyph 3D glasses
  · A joystick and other controllers
  · Large texture pack add-on (for 3D-cards with 16MB or more memory).
  · ASCC data-base add-on (with a mind boggling 2 million stars)
  · Screen-saver add-on

StarStrider is published by FMJ-Software - a small multimedia software
development company based in Sweden and founded in 1999. Visit our web
site with additional products on
For questions about StarStrider, please contact