Interactive 3D World Modeling without Programming

Rochester, New York. April 26, 2001 - Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc. (IIS) today announced the release of its MAXimum3D software plug-in for Discreet’s ® 3D Studio Max® and Autodesk® 3D Studio Viz®. MAXimum3D is a real-time rendering engine for use within 3D Studio MAX that will bring models created by students, artists, scientists, architects, and game developers to life.   This software is the first of its kind, which allows non-technical users to “Step Inside”™ their work and view it first hand.  Users can launch full screen and interactive views of their 3D models, all with the click of a button – no programming required.

MAXimum3D is targeted at users in the education, computer aided design (CAD), architecture, game developer, and visualization/simulation markets. In education, student users can easily and quickly create and then “Step Inside”™ experiences such as a walk on the moon or the inside of a functioning internal combustion engine.  In the CAD market, designers using MAXimum3D can verify the form and function of a part or help sell a new architectural design by doing a virtual walk through. Law enforcement agencies can use the tool to create interactive models of crime scenes, to assist in the analysis and prosecution of cases. Video game developers can quickly prototype the look and operation of their 3D levels using MAXimum3D rather than having to go through the costly process of temporarily porting their ideas into their game engine.
Models created in MAXimum3D are fully portable, allowing users to send their interactive results in a file independent of 3D Studio Max. Designed for ease of use, MAXimum3D requires no programming by the user. It supports advanced multimedia functions including 3D sounds, user controlled animation, and interactive objects.

The software is available as a stand alone plug-in or comes bundled with the Company’s award winning VR System, which allows 3D Studio Max models to be interacted with in stereoscopic 3D. The Company’s patented head motion tracking system built into the VFX3D™ allows users to “Step Inside™” and see where they look.

The software is compatible with 3D Studio Max v3, v4, and 3D Studio Viz v3. A limited time use evaluation copy of the MAXimum3D is available for download from the Company’s website at The software is sold directly through IIS, select Autodesk, Discreet, and other sales channels.

About IIS
Interactive Imaging Systems develops and markets Personal Display products that allow users to view and freely interact within computer generated environments and the Internet. IIS’s products include its award winning Virtual Reality Systems and a new line of portable full-VGA Wireless Personal Internet Browsers. These products enable users to connect to and “Step Inside™” the digital world – anywhere, anytime. IIS’s Personal Display solutions are focused on applications in the professional and consumer markets.

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