lenticular lens (photo by New Art Illusion)

Dec 19, 2000: Amateur and professional software kits for lenticular autostereoscopic 3D-images

You can find them as 3D-postcards or as little collector items in cornflakes boxes: autostereoscopic 3D-images or animated images based on lens grids. In the past these images were the domain of professionals. Now anyone can do them at home. This is especially fascinating with own photos.

3D-Easy by New Art Illusion is a new package in german language and has an easy to use standard Windows style user-interface. Other language versions may follow. Comes complete with a set of lenticular lenses.

i-Magic Print by i-Art has a futuristic non-standard user interface in english and chinese. Comes complete with a set of lenticular lenses. (Also check the news item from february.)

ProMagic / New Vision Technology offers several professional packages for lenticular, animated and anaglyph prints incorporating tons of features

A review for 3D-Easy and 3D-Magic Print is planned