April 8, 2000: Modified version of i-Art Eye3D shippingon sale now

The new version has the same look and functionality as the original model. The only difference are the batteries. The rather exotic 12V 23A battery was replaced by two 3V CR 2320. They now sit in the middle of the frame. The running time is now said to be 50 h, opposed to the 30 h of the original model.

The radical new design which was presented at CeBIT will be available later this year. Personally I don't see much reason to wait for the future model. The software compatibility is the same and the current models should have the larger LCD-panels. Another reason to get Eye3D now is to make shure to get the 4-in-1 version which may vanish someday due to legal turmoils.

The official manufacturer homepage in english and chinese is www.iart3d.com

The official german site is iart3d.de,
another german site (by a dealer) is eye3d.de

My Eye3D review is here.