March 03, 2000: i-Art Eye3D: The next generation revealed

i-Art showed a new sleek glasses design. The new glasses are extremely light, they can be controlled by cable, IR an in theory even by radio. There's a small seperate receiver-unit which is clipped to your shirt. The tiny box also contains the batteries and therefore takes away weight from the glasses.

The new 4-in-1 controller/emitter provides an IR-signal as well as several plugs for wired glasses. This is great for owners of wired glasses or for the use in environments where clear IR-reception isn't possible. Even if you just run out of batteries you can turn the new i-Art glasses from IR- to cable operation in no time.

i-Art also showed a monitor with integrated IR-emitter and 3-in-1-controller.

i-Art also seems to have plans for 3D-content on DVD.