March 03, 2000: VRCaddy for VRJoy: Page-Flipping works - wrapper doesn't replace original VGA-driver

VRStandard/Woobo presented the new yet unreleased page-flipping version of the VRCaddy universal D3D-driver on an ATI-VGA-board. Image quality and stereo effect were good, flipping was stable.

The universal-stereo-driver works as a wrapper and keeps the original driver intact, so you won't loose special driver-functions, such as video in/out. This is an advantage compared to the Revelator flipping driver which replaces the original driver.

Currently the driver works on ATI Rage Pro, Matrox G400 and Savage4. The drivers by ATI, Matrox and S3 use the Microsoft standard procedure to access certain graphics-functions, including flipping. Therefore a page-flipping-wrapper is easier to implement.

The 3dfx and NVidia reference drivers bypass the Microsoft standard and therefore are harder to access. Furthermore the big chipset manufacturers don't grand support to 3D-glasses manufacturers. Nevertheless, VRStandard is determined to support 3dfx and NVidia chipsets, i.e. V3, TNT2 and GeForce in the near future.

The new glasses were shown at CeBIT as pre-production samples. They're more comfortable and adjustable than the current VR-Joy model and are said to be available soon.