March 01, 2000: CyVisor rumours were right: 800x600 HMD for US$ 800

The DAEYANG E&C CyVisor DH-4400 image is bright and detailed, but at 31° field of view not that immersive. It uses a new reflective display technology by The MicroDisplay Corporation.

The HMD manufacturer's data sheet says that the resolution is 800x600x3 = 1.44 mPixel. The Display manufacturer talks about 832*632 pixels which are fast enough to allow 'field sequential color'. Sounds like they're using a (color-wheel)-filter or something.

Currently there is no stereo3d and no headtracking! There are vague plans for both and we may see a new product by the end of the year. I asked about possible supported stereo-formats and was told that these issues are currently under research.