Montreal, Quebec

ISee3D Inc. (CDN:  EYEC) Chairman and CEO Morden C. Lazarus,
today announced that the Company's patented single lens, single
camera 3D technology has been licensed to a US firm for use with
compound and stereo microscopes.

LAMP Inc., of Ithaca, New York, introduced one of the first 3D
stereo and mono imaging systems designed for biomed, quality
control, nanofabrication, educational and research applications.

"We have always felt that the core technology deveoped for human
surgery had wider possibilities in microscopy.  Now we have the
microscopy partner we feel has the background and market
experience to seek out maximum commercial opportunities for it,"
said Lazarus.

Stephen K. Blumenthal, President of LAMP (Light Advanced
Microscope Project), stated, "With this license, we will
endeavour to couple ditigal technology with microscopy in ways
which automate and expand the utilization of the microscope.
>From this, a new and excellent tool for quality control,
nanofabriation and the medical industry can be created".

Blumenthal added, "By developing state-of-the-art digital
software and hardware, we can greatly exceed the quality of the
images previously produced.  We can create real-time,
high-resolution, stereoscopic video images at compound microscope
magnification levels of stunning quality for the first time".

Blumenthal further stated, "It is our considered belief that
every compound microscrope presently in use will be substantially
improved by the cost affordable addition of this 3D technology,
which addresses an existing market valued at $30 to $50 million
U.S. currency per annum".

LAMP will develop, manufacture and market all products and
applications associated with the new technology under their name.

Isee3D Inc. common shares are traded through the facilities of
the Canadian Dealing Network.  The trading symbol is EYEC.  The
number of shares issued stands at 61,460,769.

The Canadian Dealing Network, Inc. has neither approved nor
disapproved the contents of this news release.

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