Remark: this news item is slightly off-topic, since it doesn't seem to be stereo related. Brightland has it's merits in the stereoscopic field though. So I thought it's fair to publish their press release. Hopefully they'll do some more stereo stuff in the future.

Example: Diffuse, environment reflection, and two layer composite specular mapping (four passes). R4D can handle any number of passes.

Brightland's R4D brings the power of Real-Time 3D to the Web and ActiveX aware applications

Tuesday, January 4th, 2000

Have you ever wanted a secure way to put your 3DStudio Max models, textures, and animation on the web for others to view?

Have you ever needed an easy to use and rapid solution for delivering very high quality animated 3D graphics on the Web? Have you ever wanted to create demos that show off the latest in graphics rendering hardware and technology? Now you can, with Brightland's R4D Generator, Player, and ActiveX control.

R4D provides users of 3DStudio Max R3.x a "no-programming" rapid content generation tool for e-commerce, entertainment and industrial visual computing projects.

The R4D Generator export module is a plug-in for 3DSMax that is ideal for your 3D animation and design applications. It incorporates all of 3DSMax's animation features, model data, geometry and textures into one highly compressed file which can then be used on the internet or in any application that supports ActiveX. Once you install the R4D Generator into your 3DSMax plug-in folder, you will be able to immediately design, animate and export to a single, compact file format. Advanced material, lighting and animation is all retained in the compact R4D file format.

OpenGL is used for all rendering. We don't use any esoteric blending modes or extensions so it should run everywhere. We've tested it on software reference, Permedia2, V2200, TNT1, TNT2, TNT2 Ultra, GeForce, and Glint GMX. Extension support will be exposed in a later release.

See for the free, full-featured demo.

John Schultz
President and CEO
Brightland Corporation
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