3-D GOES INTO OVERDRIVE  with fully stereoscopic computer graphics by Boris Starosta

Charlottesville, VA (Jan. 2000) - Boris Starosta recently completed 3-d
work on the millennial keepsake January 2000 issue of OVERDRIVE, the
Magazine for the American Trucker  (
OVERDRIVE magazine is published by Randall Publishing in Tuscaloosa, and
has a national circulation of 150,000.  The audience is drivers, owner
operators, and trucking executives.  All 3-d artwork in the magazine is in
the full color anaglyph format, and the magazine comes with the needed 3-d

Boris has created computer generated true stereoscopic images for both the
cover of the magazine and for a 20x30 inch (about 50x75cm) poster that is
folded and inserted into each issue.  The poster is printed with 3-d images
on both sides.

The front of the poster shows a futuristic city scene with trucks, bridges,
and flying cars all over.  The image is a playful view of the complexities
of trucking and technology in the new millenium.  This side of the poster
is a promotional piece for Overdrive magazine, and acknowledges Volvo's
sponsorship of the 3-d project.

The back side of the poster is an ad for Volvo Trucks North America,
showing a futuristic Volvo tractor coming out of the page.  The vehicle
model and stereo image were created by Boris in close consultation with
Volvo designers.

The magazine also contains 3-d ads prepared by Boris for Mack Trucks, Cat
Scales, and Navistar (International Trucks).

To review this 3-d artwork, as well as related unpublished images, visit:

Boris Starosta's computer generated 3-d images are distinguished by being
truly stereoscopic.  This enhances the effect of depth, and permits the
inclusion of tremendous three dimensional detail in each image.  Just like
stereo photography, each 3-d image is actually the result of two computer
generated perspective renderings, with the viewpoint shifted horizontally
to accurately mimic the human spatial visual experience.   Thus, the images
afford the reader a heightened sense of realism and a virtual immersion
into the three dimensional space.  MetaCreations Bryce is the software used
to model the scenes and render the viewpoints.

Since 1997, Boris has been creating award-winning stereoscopic images using
stereo photography and 3-d computer tools.  His fine art works have been
internationally exhibited, and are sought by collectors the world over.
Boris appreciates the opportunity that Randall Publishing has given him to
bring the delight of stereoscopic imagery to a broader audience.


Boris Starosta              
Stereoscopic Art & 3-D Photography
usa - 804 979 3930