Jan. 1, 2000: Let's make things Bigger - New large screen LCD-technology -  Philips plans 1-Meter sized LCD for less than $2000 this year

The new Tiling-LCD technology was developed by Rainbow Displays, New York. The idea is to combine small low-cost LCD-screens to a larger flat-panel display by making the seam between the tiles invisible. To achieve this the gap between the pixels is larger than usual. This requires a stronger masking to avoid light-scattering. To make the image brighter and smoother microlenses are used. Maybe this technlogy is even more suitable for lenticular lens or micro-polarizer stereoscopic 3D technology than usual LCD's. The panels should also be cheaper since they have less pixels per inch - they're designed for a farer viewing distance.

Philips plans to hit the market with consumer products using this technology by the end of 2000.

Source: Welt am Sonntag, Dec. 19, 1999