Dec. 31, 1999:  New Leadtek gfx-board with stereo-connector, stereoD3D driver and glasses

Leadtek introduces the WinFast VR300 graphics board in 2 versions, one of which comes with wired shutterglasses.
The product isn't present on the Leadtek websites yet. The recent review by Manfred Bertuch in c't magazine 26/99, page 68, took me by surprise.

At the first look the product is reminiscent of the ASUS offerings. There seems to be an onboard 3.5 mm stereo-glasses jack. The similarities to ASUS end at the core of the board. The new SiS 300 graphics chip of the VR300 may be a good-value-for-money all-in-one solution, but it just doesn't appeal to the hardcore gamer. It's too slow, even in monoscopic mode. (Unreal 1024x768@16bit: 13 fps). The stereo-driver of yet unknown origin and quality works for D3D only. The glasses seem to be a new design, but are obviously part of the large ASUS/APEC/Kasan-family. According to the review the fit isn't satisfying, since they tend to slip off the nose.

The price for the board + glasses bundle should be about 150,- EUR/USD.