Dec. 28, 1999:  ASUS V6600 with GeForce - Good Stereo-OpenGL driver

Asus not only provides the first GeForce OpenGL Stereo driver, it's also very good, much better than the D3D drivers.
It supports at least all Quake- and Unreal-engine based programs, including Q3, Unreal-Tournament and Half-Life.
Didn't worked for me on the Descent3 and Homeworld demos though.
Major drawback at the moment is the necessity to reserve video-memory for the flipping by choosing double resolution in the game setup. Setting a 1600-resolution results in 800x600 per eye in stereo. This will be fixed in the final release. The speed is higher than in normal 1600x1200 resolution of course, it's just a memory-assignment trick.

Although the D3D-Stereo has been somewhat improved I'm still not happy with it. There seems to be no dynamic auto-adjustment as in the ELSA- and Metabyte D3D-drivers. Until now I checked lots of DX6 demos. According to ASUS the latest driver is optimized for DX7, optimization for DX6 follows. ASUS also told me that they're working on some auto-function.

tons of extras
Apart from that the V6600 TVR/TVRDeluxe versions offer a dedicated 3D-glasses connector (3.5mm), a good stereo video player (see ealier message), lots of video in/out functions including realtime full-resolution, full-frame-rate capture, a large software package, including Ulead Video Studio SE and all the other properties you can expect from a full-blown 32Meg GeForce board. A DDR (double data rate) memory version is also available. The Deluxe-versions come complete with glasses, which is good value for money compared to most stand-alone glasses.