Dec. 18, 1999:  ASUS StereoMovie Player - 3D-Video with PC-shutterglasses

Here you go. The movie player (see preceding message) can be found in V6600 driver V3.62 Beta 5.
Hopefully there will be soon a V3800 driver which contains the player also.
ASUS provided me with a stand-alone file and I tried the player on V3800.


- watching genuine field-sequential 3D-video-tapes (prerecorded or NuView) flicker-free on the PC using PC-shutterglasses

How to use:

1 - connect VCR or camcorder to ASUS board
2 - plug 3D-glasses into ASUS board
3 - start StereoMovie Player executable
4 - insert 3D-tape and press Play
5 - kiss your TV-shutterglasses good-bye


- works on all ASUS boards with video-in
- composite and S-Video input
- works in a window and full-screen
- 1x, 2x and full-screen zoom
- NTSC and PAL support
- uses page-flipping, even on the desktop (amazing)
- perfectly stable, no problems/slip-ups with the flipping
- doesn't change current graphics mode
- works at current windows refresh rate
- doesn't require glasses driver
- no black interlace lines
- stereo reverse button (away-team to Capt'n - we finally found intelligent live down here!)
- stereo-/monoscopic button - allows watching 3D-tapes in half-res 2D


- no digitizing/storing of 3D-videos
- aspect ratio in PAL not correct yet - image is too high
- digitizer resolution of only 352 * 288 per half-frame ?!?

Test Configuration:

ASUS V3800 TVR, driver v2.25
ASUS glasses
gfx modes tested:
1024*768 32bit 85 Hz
1024*768 32bit 100 Hz
800*600 32bit 120 Hz


I'll never watch a 3D-tape on the damn TV again - promise!