3D Stereoscopic movie show at AniFest 2006


Dear Sires


We would like to inform you that during the International Festival of Animated Films AniFest 2006 will be organized a demo session targeted to 3D stereoscopic movies presentation. Based on the supplied movie content a short non-official competition of 3D stereoscopic movies will be probably organized as well.

We are sure presenting of your work on such an international festival could help you to show your movies to other people as well as to better publicity of you or your company. Let us know, please, whatever you are interested in supplying some short animated movie for this event.


About the AniFest 2006


5th edition of the International Festival of Animated Films AniFest 2006 will take place in Třeboň from 4 th to 10 th May 2006 , Czech Republic. The detials about the festival organization could be found on this link:  http://www.anifest.cz/af2005/en

The Corona company it the main festival organizers, contacts could be found on this link: http://www.anifest.cz/af2005/en/anifest_2005/basic_information/executing_team/staff/index.html

GALI-3D s.r.o. company will take care about the 3D stereoscopic session of the festival: http://www.gali-3d.com. Questions related to the movie format supply and other condition should be targeted to GALI-3D representative Michal Husak, E-mail husakm@gali-3d.com.


Technical specification for the accepted 3D stereoscopic movie format:


1)      The movies could be supplied on CD, DVD on hard drive in digital form. Hard drives will be returned to authors.

2)      The minimal accepted movie resolution per one view is 640x480 pixels. Lower resolution has to low quality for an even of this type.

3)      The movie could be compressed by any public available compression mechanism (mpeg1, mpeg2, DV, DivX, XviD, non-compressed). For movies compressed by some non-standard methods the installation files for the compatible codec must be supplied.

4)      We accept stereoscopic movies supplied as 2 files (for left and right eye) or as one file with the eye view arranged in over/under or left/right format (in this case the minimal resolution should be 640x960 or 1280x480)

5)      It is strongly suggested to supply the movie sin progressive (non-interlaced format)

6)      The organizers reserves the right to transform the movie to a format suitable for the technologies used for the projection

7)      Technical details about supported formats or about support for non-standard formats could be discussed with GALI-3D Inc. Representatives (E-mail: husakm@gali-3d.com)