First you need the tracker.exe program.
(you can get it at: (WARNING: 2.5Mb) )
I't should be in the trackman directory
(thanx to the people at mindflux)

*Turn off your pc and put your serial mouse on com2 (ive tried ps2 mouse but it diddn't work, I don't know why) and your head-tracker on com2 and turn on your i-glasses.
*Now you need to restart your pc and start your pc in the "only ms-dos modes" by hitting F8. (this mean you start your pc just as usual but don't start windows95) then run the tracker.exe program and set it to emulate a mouse and press enter.
*Then run (it's just a mouse driver which don't understand a dual mouse configuration.) I've had some problems with the mouse driver from logithech, because it detects both the headtracker on com1 and the mouse on com2 which slows my pc very much down. The program does not detect the mouse on com2 but he only installs the headrtacker as a mouse on com1.
(you don't have to do this every time you start your pc, You can make a dual boot configuration in your autoexec.bat which runs the tracker.exe program and the driver. Make sure your i-glasses are on when using the tracker program)
*Then start Windows95
*your Windows95 should detect the headtracker as a mouse and the mouse on com2 and asks if you want to install them. Say yes!
*If you have to restart Windows95 then restart your pc and make sure that before you run Windows95 you alreaddy have run the tracker.exe program and the driver.
Now you should be able to move the mouse cursor with the movementy of your head and using the mouse.
when you are in Windows95 and thiss all works, you can turn off your i-glasses. Pick up your mouse and run Jedi Knight for instance. when you have started the game put the mouse on a stedy table away from you.
while loading the level, put on your i-glasses an turn them on. when the level starts you should be able to play it with the head trackinfg of i-glasses! I't looks realy cool when you have a 3dfx card.

when youre done playing with the game turn of your i-glasses and you can youse your mouse without having any interferance of your head movement.
When you need to recalibrate the helmet within the game you can do it by moving the mouse.

Not only jedi knight works verry good this way, even MDK is much better this way. I tell you this is really great.
actualy you can play any game in which you look around you when using a mouse with the iglasses.
You have to try it with Forsaken.
(get the demo at

If it does not or does work with your pc please tell me, maybe I can make a program that would automaticly sets up your windows95 for use with the I-glasses!

Good luck! & happy gaming

Maarten van Grinsven