You may submit your own 3D-Images for exhibition at the Gallery. All 3D-formats are welcome - interlaced, left-right, anaglyph.
2D images are accepted if they relate to the 3D-topic or are very special or outrageously funny or something like that.
You should own the copyright and they should not be present somewhere else on the net already.
Credits and  links will be included so all the honor will be yours.
Use FTP to submit them and send me a note via email.

last update: April 5, 2001

You're right, it's me! But who's that ugly guy in the blue shirt???
(Photographer: unknown, but I own the copyright)

Curing my headaches after a full (!) hour use of one of those perfectly ergonomic 3D-devices.
(Photographer: Friedrich Bungert)

Some Quality Anaglyphs by Justus Brugman (March 2001):
A picture of my former workingplace (the chair i worked on) black-white anagl. The inside of the company i worked for, made in Caligari Truespace. (color anagl.) A picture of a power supply made with a sony digital  camera, replaced twice. (color anagl.) The inside of a pc i made in the working
place mentioned above (perhaps too 3d) black-white anagl.


547x620 JPEG

full res - left (140K) and right (160K)
interlaced (245K)

anaglyph - comming soon

 Frank & Me shot with the el cheapo Loreo Stereo Cam.

(Stereographer: Katrin Tautermann)

Please note that the left corner of the image is cut off. That's not the fault of the photographer, but of the inaccurate viewfinder of the Loreo. When using a Loreo on close objects (let's say in a range of less than 5 meters) you'll have to accomodate for this effect.
Using interlace format with standard JPEG format isn't a good idea, but it's the easiest way for the user and saves space on the webserver. That's why it's the most popular way to distribute stereo-images. The problem is that compression algorythms like JPEG are confused by the interlace format. The algorythm looks for homogenous arrays of pixels, but there are almost none, because of the specific line structure. Additional ghosting might occur. It's advisable to use minimum compression ratio on JPEGs. The downside is obvious. Look at the image above: 245K is a lot for a JPEG of that resolution.


JPS - stereo JPEG format
43 K
Stereographer: Gabor Laufer
Cam: Loreo/Argus

More Loreo shots comming soon.

640x350 JPG 73 kB
640x350 JPG 73 kB

raytraced with povray
©1997 by Andy Held