EyeFX vs. VR-Joy
Feature Winner
glasses comfort both O.K., the score is even, I recommend the EyeFX for use with prescribed glasses and vice versa
glasses cable the score is even, EyeFX cable slightly longer, VR-Joy cable slightly thicker
glasses durability ask me again in 3 years, but I think in theory the bows of the EyeFX glasses can break off more easily 
LCD-size both very good, EyeFX wins
LCD-quality the score is even - as far as I can tell
control buttons both O.K., VR-Joy wins since the buttons are larger and easier to reach 
available modes both good, EyeFX wins since one of the modes can be used to turn 3D into 2D
resolution & refresh flexibility of line-blanker device both good, VR-Joy wins
reliability of synchronization and line-blanking VR-Joy works perfect, EyeFX works good, but I experienced problems in rare cases
image quality at high resolution/ high refresh VR-Joy wins, EyeFX may catch up with hi-quality replacement cable
controller cable length VR-Joy wins, Cable is much longer, controller can reside on the table in any case; the EyeFX cable can be replaced by a better and longer cable though
software bundle EyeFX wins due to the full version of  Z.A.R., VR-Joy has no software bundle
power supply the score is even
design of glasses and controller the EyeFX design looks more serious, conservative and professional, so if you want to impress somebody - go for it; the VR-Joy design on the other hand is modern, soft-shaped and small.