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Current and future display technologies and their 3D-compatibility

Technology S P G Developer/Inventor Availability Comment
film photo-chemical  8/16/32/70mm/IMAX Y Y N current standard still the best image quality; 
stereo3D solutions available (anaglyph, shutter & polarization)
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube Y N Y Karl Ferdinand Braun, Germany current standard stereo3D solutions available (shutterglasses/-screens)
EL - Electroluminescence
LCD (DST) - Double Scan Liquid Crystal Display  N N? ? available will hopefully become extinct soon
LCD (TFT) - Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display N Y Y current standard several stereo3D solution available: 
micro-polarization by  VRex ,
lenticular-lenses by Philips, 
holographic optical elements by Richmond Holographic Studios 
autostereo with eyetracking by Sanyo 
2-projector solution by APEC
Plasma ? Y? ? available
Plasma-Adressed LCD ? Y? ? Sony, Japan (?) available
ILA - Image Light Amplifier (contains some CRT technology) ? Y Y available already replaced by D-ILA, expensive, hard to handle
D-ILA - Direct/Digital Image Light Amplifier ? Y ? available hot !
DLP - Digital Light Processing (Micro Mirror Device)  Y Y? N Texas Instruments, USA available hot ! 
The technology should be shutter-compatible in principle, but current system most likely won't work due to their refresh strategy.
Laser Y Y? N Schneider/Daimler-Benz, Germany available soon  hot !
very promising
LEP - Light Emitting Polymers 
OLED - Organic Light Emitting Displays 
FOLED - Flexible OLED
? Y? ? small prototypes already working, small commercial version due in 2000, large screens  due in 2003 Plastic has a "bright" future!
LED - Light Emitting Diodes Y Y? N Reflection Technology 
and others
monochrome monitors available; 
color monitors in development; 
color miniature device available
there are color versions already available, but they won't fit into your house, they have a dot-pitch of about 10 mm (for sport-stadiums and such), 
LED monitors are expensive, but unbreakable - no wonder the military utilizes them in tanks etc.
FED - Ferro Electric Display ? ? Y? ? available soon(?)
FED - Field Emission Display
PDP - AC-plasma

Why says the chart NO on CRT and Polarization glasses? Well, there are polar-glasses for CRT's, but they need a shutter on the screen, so in fact they are shutter-systems afterall, not native polar systems.

It seems that almost all future display technologies will have less problems with ghosting than the current CRT-technology. Some won't work with shutterglasses though.

For the latest updates on Flat Panel Display R&D visit the U.S. Display Consortium.

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