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last update: Dec 18, 2005

nVidia VGA and Stereo3D reference driver (incl. 3D image viewer) 

stereo- and VGA-driver versions must match!

free download - nVidia The No.1 stereo-game-driver for all nVidia based VGA-boards and most 3D-LCD-Shutterglasses or red/blue-3D-glasses, supports D3D and OpenGL under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP; please read how to configure the driver for your glasses in the Windows registry (hidden features)
Download sites for nVidia beta or pre-release grahics and stereo  drivers  Guru3D
Gainward, TW
'nvidia stereo profile editor'  free download This freeware allows you to edit and save nvidia stereo driver registry settings. On the site you can share and rate stereo settings for every game. 
Win3D Company WINx3D rights acquired by X3D The No.1 stereo-application-driver for virtually ALL VGA-boards and ALL 3D-LCD-Shutterglasses. Combine this one with VRCaddy for stereo-gaming, supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Stereoscopic Player by Peter Wimmer free download Stereo3D Video Player - Accepts any stereo video input format and turns it into any common stereo3d output format. 
The perfect solution to watch interlaced 3D-DVD's flicker-free on the PC (see instructions). 
Scitech GLDirect OpenGL stereo-game-wrapper for most VGA-boards
eDimensional-stereo game wrapper free for eDim
D3D, OpenGL stereo-game-wrapper for most VGA-boards, mainly ATI
i-glasses  H3D-Controller/Activator free
Glasses activator. H3D-glasses got no buttons, but with this tool you take control of all your H3D, Wicked3D or i-glasses features!  Good for use with images, applications and 3rd party stereo-drivers. Provides i-glasses color-code (required for older Terminator and Cyber3DVisor models). This isn't a driver, it just switches the mode of the glasses.
Ghazali's H3D-Activator free
Glasses activator. The original! Same purpose as H3D-controller, but provides classic H3D-color-code (works for classic H3D, Wicked3D).
eDimensional-Activator free
Glasses activator. Same purpose as H3D-controller.
Stereoscope Java Applet free A brilliant tool to present stereoscopic images on the web. The applet converts image pairs or JPS files to any other stereo format (anaglyph, line-sequential, page-flipping, side-by-side, column-sequential) on the fly within any Java-capable browser. No plug-in installation required. Saves space and is extremely comfortable for you and your website visitors. 
Stereo Image Factory Plus
trial Everything you need to combine and manipulate stereo image pairs.
Stereoscopic Video Player and sample videos by
Michal Husak
free beta requires the WINx3D library and real stereo-video content
Stereobase calculator free Calculates the correct distance between 2 camera lenses in relation to focus length, object distance, etc. 

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Magic Carpet 1 Retail Stereo3D Patch for 3D-BIOS, LCD-BIOS, VR-BIOS; Hotkey F10 (author: Bullfrog) 
Magic Carpet "plus" Retail Stereo3D Patch for 3D-BIOS, LCD-BIOS, VR-BIOS; Hotkey F10 (author: Bullfrog) - Will be added soon.
Magic Carpet 1 and "plus" Retail Tweak for VR-Joy, Cybermaxx, VFX-1; requires Magic Carpet Stereo3D Patch (author: Hodie)  - the Hi-Octane and the Magic Carpet tweak are identical
Magic Carpet 1 Retail Stereo3D and Headtracking Patch for i-glasses, Hotkey F10 (author: Bullfrog) 
Hi-Octane Retail Stereo3D Patch for 3D-BIOS, LCD-BIOS, VR-BIOS (author: Bullfrog) 
Hi-Octane Retail Tweak for VR-Joy, Cybermaxx, VFX-1, i-glasses; requires Hi-Octane Stereo3D Patch (author: Hodie)  - the Hi-Octane and the Magic Carpet tweak are identical
Terminal Velocity Retail Stereo 3D Patch for CyberMaxx, VFX-1, i-glasses, VR-Joy, VR-BIOS, 3D-BIOS. NuvFrag and other LCD-BIOS derivatives may work too. (author: 3DRealms ?) 3D-BIOS users with S3 Video boards should use the Max3D util by VMS to avoid split-screen error. 
Nascar Racing 1 Retail Stereo 3D Patch for 3D-BIOS, LCD-BIOS, VR-BIOS, start with option -h to get into hi-res stereo mode. (author: Papyrus ?) 
Cyberboy Stereo Merge Windows95 Frontend, freeware (author: J. Hunke) 
Shattered Steel retail 1.x to 1.4 Patch, adds native LCD-BIOS support; Size: 1 MB, there's also a >10 MB upgrade pack at, which contains the patch, additional multiplayer missions and more. (author: Bioware) 
Duke Nukem 3D retail version LCD-BIOS patch for Cyberboy and others, very tricky (author: Woobo)  - There's also a shareware patch at Woobo, but I don't think it works for anybody.
DOS-Quake tweak 'mpm3db' for LCD-BIOS devices, like Cyberboy and others.
Simbios for SimulEyes
SE-QLCD Quake tweak for SimulEyes
SimQuake for SimulEyes
SVR3D32 Windows for SimulEyes
SVRDOS32 for SimulEyes