12. - 19. March 2003  Hannover, Germany
the worlds leading computer and telecommunications fair

Stereoscopic3D and Virtual Reality
at CeBIT 2003


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last update: March 17

Exhibitors  (sorted by Hall)

Hall 1
digital IMAGE (partner at Kindermann) Hall 1 C3  - stereo 3D projection
KINDERMANN & Co. GmbH Hall 1, Stand 1c 3 - 3D projectors
MultiVision Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Kommunikationssysteme mbH Hall 1, Stand 5a 4 -  3D projectors
Olympus Optical Co. (Europa) GmbH , Hall 1 Stand 4D2 - video headsets?
update: Panasonic Hall 1, Stand 6c 2 - stereo 3D projection (dual projector, polarized)
SHARP ELECTRONICS (EUROPE) GMBH Hall 1, Stand 7a 2 - 3D projectors (maybe they'll also show their autostereo displays)
VRCA Virtual Reality Center Aachen Hall 1 Stand 8a 2 - VR

Hall 2
ASUS COMPUTER GmbH - Germany, Hall 2  Stand A48  - consumer VGA-boards with 3D shutterglasses
Sony Deutschland GmbH , Hall 2  Stand C02  - video headsets?

Hall 6
update: 3Dims GmbH (together with 3Dconnexion) Hall 6, Stand B10   - visual stereo solutions
BARCO GmbH Germany  Hall 6, Stand B04   - projection systems, including 3D-solutions
update: CPVISION München GmbH  Hall 6, Stand D12 - stereo & VR products
nVidia - Germany  Hall 6 Stand E02 - VGA chipsets and reference stereo drivers
PYTHA Lab GmbH Hall 6, Stand E09  - Application software for Virtual Reality
viception GmbH & Co. KG (Partner at VISCON Projektion technology)  Hall 6, Stand F11 - Complete solutions for Virtual Reality
VR-Solutions (partner at IBM stand), Hall 6, Stand C10 - ???

Hall 11
Bauhaus Universität Weimar Hall 11, Stand B26 - Virtual-Vision Video, Virtual Reality goggles, goggles with TV reception
equaduct gmbh Hall 11, Stand B32 - Application software for Virtual Reality
Fachhochschule Oldenburg , Hall 11 Stand D06  - VR projects? not this year?
Fraunhofer FIT Hall 11 Stand A24 - VR preproduction
Fraunhofer IIS Hall 11 Stand A24 - Application software for Virtual Reality
Fraunhofer IGD Hall 11, Stand A29 - Complete solutions for Virtual Reality
KSN Kommunales Systemhaus Hall 11, Stand F63 - Application software for Virtual Reality
Universität Kassel Hall 11, Stand D41 - 3D LCD display screens

Hall 16
ELSA/neue ELSA GmbH Hall 16, D06  - no more stereo products?

Hall 20
Jiaxing Liansheng Electronic Co. Ltd. Hall 20, Stand B17 -  Virtual-Vision Video, Virtual Reality goggles, goggles with TV reception

Hall 21
4D-Vision GmbH , Hall 21, Stand A02 - autostereo displays
A.C.T. Kern GmbH & Co. KG Hall 21, Stand A18 - 3D LCD display screens
i-Art Corporation (partner at KingByte) Hall 21 Stand C24-8 from 3/15 to 3/18 - stereoscopic products
Projectiondesign AS Hall 21, Stand C35 -  3D projectors
SAMPO Technology BV Hall 21, Stand A47  - 3D LCD display screens
SeeReal Technologies GmbH Hall 21, Stand A37  - autostereo displays

Hall 22
MSI Micro-Star International Hall 22 Stand B06 - consumer VGA-boards with shutterglasses ?

Hall 23
Club 3D Graphics (Colour Power B.V.) Hall 23 Stand B20 - consumer VGA-boards with shutterglasses ?
Gainward Europe GmbH Hall 23 Stand B25 - consumer VGA-boards with shutterglasses ?
Leadtek Research Inc. Hall 23, Stand B41 - Virtual-Vision Video, Virtual Reality goggles, goggles with TV reception
nVidia - Europe, Hall 23 Stand B26 - VGA chipsets and reference stereo drivers

VR companies not found in the exhibition catalog (yet):

3DTV (everything stereo)
Another World (shutterglasses)
APEC (shutterglasses)
Baldeweg GmbH, not there this year?    - Developer of professional stereo software and hardware
Christie Digital Systems not there this year? - hi-end projection systems, including 3D-solutions
Colorado Micro Display , Hall , NOT FOUND - DNLCOS microdisplay technology and accompanying interface ASICs
Daeyang (showed the Cy-Visor 2 years ago)
DigiLens (microdisplays)
EIKI Deutschland GmbH  - NOT FOUND projection systems, they showed a stereo-back-projection system 2 years ago
Essential Reality - VR-gloves
i-Art (presented their Eye3D product range 2 years ago
i/O-Display Systems/i-glasses
Ideatech (shutterglasses)
Interactive Imaging Systems (showed the VFX3D 2 years ago)
Kaiser Electro Optics (major HMD manufacturer)
Kopin (HMD)
Liquid Image (HMD)
Metabyte (stereo driver software developer)
MicroDisplay Corp.
peyote informationsdesign GmbH, not there this year? - 3D-kiosk
Seoul System Corporation / Soft4D -  not there this year? - real-time 2D to 3D DVD/VCD video & image conversion software
Silicon Graphics GmbH , not there this year? - 3D solutions
T.A.N. Projektionstechnologie GmbH & Co.KG , not there?  - stereo-projection, CAVE, Stereographics glasses
Tetratel (shutterglasses)
VR-Standard (presented the new VR-Joy 2 years ago)
StereoGraphics (shutterglasses, shutterscreens) - they won't show up, but their glasses certainly will at the booth of Silicon Graphics, T.A.N. etc.
VRT (german VR distributor)
VRex (shutterglasses, 3D-projection, 3D-displays)
WitVision - shutterglasses
Xybernaut not there this year? - wearable PC with headset